Airborne International provides advanced composite solutions for industrial market leaders in the aerospace, defense, and marine industry.

ESS produces high-efficiency iron-based flow batteries for low-cost, dependable storage of renewable energy.

A2M produces materials in microgravity.

Tivra is developing materials that will enable a step change in LED cost and performance.

Aspect Biosystems specializes in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, developing custom human tissue technology.

Corellia Biosystems develops streamlined assay platforms for proteomic and pharmaceutical applications.

NewLeaf is commercializing live bacteria formulations for improved agricultural yields.

Redlen is a leading radiation imaging company enabling high performance detection and imaging equipment in the medical and security industries.

Vestaron is commercializing a new generation of environmentally-benign insecticides derived from compounds discovered in spider venom.

Calysta is using advanced biological processes to produce food and specialty chemicals from methane.

CarbonCure retrofits concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make affordable, greener concrete products.

polySpectra makes functional materials for advanced additive manufacturing, using light-activated catalysts to 3D print advanced functional materials.

Switch Materials has compelling energy efficient smart window technology for the automotive market.


Boulder Ionics was acquired by CoorsTek in 2014 after developing a cost breakthrough in the production of ionic liquids for batteries and ultracapacitors.

Cnano Technology provided an outstanding exit to Pangaea in 2017. The Company is now the world-leading manufacturer of carbon nanotubes used in lithium ion batteries and lightweight composite materials.

Cyrium was acquired in 2013 after developing the world’s most efficient commercial concentrated photovoltaic solar cell.

Pangaea exited Envia in 2017 after its cathode and anode materials set the world record for energy density in a lithium-ion battery.

RSI was acquired in 2014 after developing a proprietary electroplating process for thin film CdTe photovoltaics.

Kovio was acquired by Thinfilm Electronics in 2014 after developing world-leading printed semiconductor electronics.

Pionetics was acquired by Rayne Water in 2009, after developing effective home water treatment systems and products.

Semprus BioSciences was acquired by Teleflex in 2012 after developing functional surfaces with anti-microbial and anti-fouling properties.

Inmat provided an exit to Pangaea in 2013 after commercializing innovative nanocomposite packaging materials products.

Nanox was acquired by Nanogestion in 2009 after developing nano-perovskite catalysts for diesel oxidation.