Impact Focus

Pangaea Ventures has a deeply rooted conviction that advanced materials innovation has a unique ability to make the world better. From low cost battery chemistries that enable deep renewable penetration, to peptide-derived biopesticides that replace toxic chemicals and increase food production, to next generation medical imaging equipment that enable doctors to more effectively identify and treat disease, meaningful impact is universal across Pangaea’s portfolio.

Pangaea Ventures quantifies impact in four different categories. This is not simply a reporting exercise. During our due diligence process, by assessing an opportunity through an impact lens, we gain unique insights on the magnitude of the problem being solved and the scalability of the solution. We believe this translates into the ability to build a portfolio of companies that delivers above market returns.

Carbon Dioxide Reduction

With global CO2 concentrations exceeding 400ppm and consequences such as coastal flooding and droughts, there is an opportunity for companies that can lower the carbon footprint. Often cost savings are the driver of adoption. Most of our portfolio companies impact this metric by reducing carbon-based energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, or lowering embodied energy.

Food Production Increased

Billions of people around the world live without adequate quantity and quality of food. Technologies that increase food production using existing land provide more to feed our growing population, while helping to preserve vital ecosystems such as the Amazon. There are many examples of agricultural, aquacultural, and horticultural innovations having significant impact.

Fresh Water Produced or Saved

Fresh water is a vital ingredient for life on Earth. When fresh water supplies become depleted due to uses such as irrigation, or polluted due to inadequate treatment methods, there is catastrophic impact to human health and nutrition, as well as to the ecosystem as a whole. Technologies that reduce fresh water consumption or produce fresh water in areas of need fill a major market opportunity.

Lives Impacted

Lives Impacted is a simple way to quantify the impact of Pangaea’s health focused portfolio companies. Pangaea targets companies that can have a major impact on patient outcomes while also reducing healthcare costs. By understanding how many lives an innovation could impact, we can better assess the market size, scalability, and our ability to generate superior financial returns.