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Tidal Grow® AgriScience Integrates Biology and Chemistry to Fundamentally Change the Future of Agriculture

BELLINGHAM, Wash.May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the agriculture industry faces enormous challenges including labor, nutrient runoff, weather, and regulatory, Tidal Grow® AgriScience announced today its official launch with an exciting portfolio of solutions, and a powerful pipeline to build more. By leveraging novel technologies, their offerings deliver new levels of effectiveness in plant nutrition and crop protection, providing impressive ROI for growers.

"Our core goal is to help farmers and growers maximize profits, increase yields, and protect their valuable production resources, all while reducing their environmental footprint," said Kevin Hammill, CEO of Tidal Grow AgriScience. "What sets us apart is our respect for and understanding of growers in every part of the crop production ecosystem. We meet them exactly where they are, integrating seamlessly into their existing production practices, resulting in improved performance and less traditional crop inputs. We are excited to bring our products to the market and be a catalyst for a healthier population and planet."

Critical Ag-tech Targets the Core of Grower's Needs

Tidal Grow® Integra Technology is positioned to scale and significantly impact the $100B+ crop protection and fertilizer markets. With this technology, they engineer how fertilizer, such as nitrogen, and crop protection products are delivered to the crop or target pathogen. This technology works by maximizing the potential of one of earth's most powerful biomolecules and deploying it to target grower's greatest challenges. This integration of biology and chemistry fundamentally changes the future of agriculture by making cropping inputs more effective. The first fertilizer built on this technology, alignN™, delivers nitrogen to the crop more effectively. The result is a higher yield per unit of fertilizer and a lower carbon footprint for the industry. Construction on a commercial production facility for alignN™ will begin this year while significant field trials are being conducted across the USA.  

Additionally, the Tidal Grow® Bioactive portfolio offers significant contributions to regenerative practices with Tidal Grow® Spectra, a new offering in crop protection, and Pacific Gro® Oceanic and Sea Phos®, OMRI-listed organic carbon-based fertilizers.

"Our Crop Production Input (CPI) Equation establishes a new standard of crop nutrient effectiveness," said Hammill. "Defined in mathematical terms, our solutions apply to both crop protection and nutrition and are measured in yield per input. Our approach is working. This year, more than 1 million acres will be under the positive influence of our products."

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About Tidal Grow® AgriScience

Tidal Grow® AgriScience is a rapidly growing plant nutrition and crop protection startup solving agriculture's greatest challenges. With their Tidal Grow® Integra Technology, they engineer how fertilizer, such as nitrogen, and crop protection products are delivered to the crop. The Tidal Grow® Bioactive Portfolio harnesses the power of nature to create effective plant nutrition and crop protection products. Tidal Grow® increases crop input effectiveness to deliver more yield per unit applied.

Tidal Grow® AgriScience is a Tidal Vision company. Tidal Vision is a privately held biomolecular technologies company based in Bellingham, Washington.

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