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Thomas Concrete: A Global Leader in Low Carbon Concrete Production Adopts CarbonCure Across a Fleet of 22 Plants

Thomas Concrete to install CarbonCure's technology at 16 additional plants across Georgia and the Carolinas making it the world's largest supplier of concrete made with award-winning CO2 recycling technology.

By partnering with CarbonCure, Thomas Concrete recycles waste CO2 into concrete to increase its environmental, material, and economic performance. Not only is the CO2 permanently converted into a solid mineral within the concrete, but the addition of CO2 also improves the compressive strength of concrete. This has allowed Thomas Concrete to optimize their mix designs to unlock operational efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

“Thomas Concrete aims to consistently deliver the best products and high-quality service that our customers have come to expect” says John Cook, Technical Director of Thomas Concrete USA. “By adding CarbonCure’s technology into 16 more locations, we’re simultaneously reducing our environmental footprint and providing our customers with access to an affordable greener building product across our US markets.”

Thomas Concrete is a member of the Swedish, family-owned company Thomas Concrete Group AB, established in 1955, and operating in USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Norway. After acquiring ready mixed plants in Myrtle Beach earlier this year, Thomas Concrete now has 67 plants in the Southeastern United States and a total of 144 plants across the globe.

Thomas Concrete’s sustainability leadership is also facilitating global development, commercialization, and adoption of CO2 utilization (also known as CO2 conversion) technologies. Thomas Concrete has been one of CarbonCure’s key on-going partners in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a $20 Million global challenge to accelerate international adoption of technologies that convert carbon emissions into valuable products like concrete. A recent industry report identifies concrete as the greatest near-term opportunity for converting waste emissions into products, and that CarbonCure’s technology is the most promising and scalable technology in the space.

“Thomas Concrete is pleased to work with a technology that works with our existing equipment and mixes to unlock operational efficiencies while having a positive environmental impact,” says Alan Wessel, CEO of Thomas USA. “Thomas’ growth has been maneuvered by prioritizing consistent quality for our customers and using CarbonCure’s technology really aligns with that.”

For the upcoming 725 Ponce in Atlanta Thomas Concrete will be supplying 48,000 cubic yards of concrete made with CarbonCure's CO2 recycling technology.

About Thomas Concrete, Inc.

After 30 years of serving customers, Thomas Concrete is one of the leading suppliers of high quality ready-mixed concrete in the Southeast United States. By combining delivery of concrete with our wide range of services, Thomas Concrete provides complete and effective solutions for construction projects. Thomas Concrete is a member of the Swedish, family-owned company Thomas Concrete Group AB, established in 1955, which operates in USA, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Norway. The company’s environmental policy lies at the heart of its identity. The Thomas Concrete mandate is to continuously strive to develop solutions for a sustainable society of tomorrow. Learn more at

About CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

CarbonCure’s retrofit technology chemically sequesters waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process to make greener and stronger concrete. CarbonCure’s technology is now being used to reduce concrete’s environmental footprint and provide production cost savings for more than 80 concrete producers across North America. CarbonCure is part of a growing industry of CO2-utilization technologies that are expected to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030. CarbonCure’s technology is currently operational in a growing number of concrete plants across North America, including several of the world’s largest vertically-integrated cement and concrete companies. CarbonCure is one of 23 semi-finalists in the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE challenge, which has been called the Nobel prize for climate technologies. For more information, contact or visit

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