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Modulim Announces Launch of Magnifi Clinical Workflow Software at Kidney Week 2022

Modulim, a health technology company that delivers point-of-care microvascular and data insights to save limbs and improve lives, announces the launch of Magnifi at American Society of Nephrology's Kidney Week 2022 in Orlando, FL, a software solution designed to empower clinicians with remote access to data insights and scalability to enhance clinical workflow across enterprises.

This software is an integral piece of Modulim's LAMP (Limb Assessment, Management, & Preservation) solution designed to focus on improving value of the Assessment and Management portions of the solution. The powerful data insights captured at the point-of-care from Clarifi® Imaging System are made available directly to clinicians in near real time with Magnifi. The software solution takes a particular clinician's expertise and expands their impact and physical reach by enabling them to care for patients from anywhere.

"There are 61 million people in the US at risk for lower limb complications due to Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and Peripheral Arterial Disease. All these patients are at various levels of risk, but the reality is that many do not get a vascular assessment, nor do they get seen by a specialist," said Amaan Mazhar, Chief Product Officer for Modulim. "Patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and diabetes are particularly at risk: one study demonstrated that 25.7% of these patients got an ulcer in a year with 43% of those patients progressing to a foot-related hospitalization. The Magnifi solution was designed to enable a single clinician to quickly view a patient's SFDI point-of-care clinical insights remotely so they can make a difference in their care journey before serious complications develop."

Magnifi software utilizes the HIPAA compliant Modulim Cloud to securely and seamlessly sync with data captured by Clarifi. The software solution is a vehicle for clinicians to remotely access Clarifi's capabilities to help track patients, monitor microvascular changes, and to share insights within an organization.

"The cost of inaction to our healthcare system as measured in dollars and patient lives is extremely high. Globally, every 20 seconds a diabetic patient is amputated and the cost of diabetic foot ulcers is greater than the 5 most costly cancers combined. Our solutions deliver comprehensive value in addressing what is currently an unmet need to proactively assess, manage, and prevent costly microvascular disease and related complications" said Charlie Huiner, CEO & President of Modulim. "Transformative solutions like Magnifi can help providers deliver tomorrow's care today. We could not be more pleased to be launching Magnifi at Kidney Week to directly address needs of this ecosystem which has been moving rapidly to proactive, multidisciplinary, and value-based care for kidney disease patients. Modulim's solutions deliver on all those values."

About Modulim

Modulim delivers transformative imaging and data solutions that empower clinicians to better diagnose, treat, and manage lower limb complications. Clarifi®, powered by Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) technology, quantifies and maps tissue health at the point-of-care through non-contact rapid microvascular assessment. Modulim Cloud promotes timely, proactive data-driven decisions to better manage patient care by digitally connecting clinicians and healthcare systems. Magnifi enhances clinical efficiency, improves workflow, and aides clinicians with scalable patient-centric software. Modulim is based in Irvine, CA, with a team dedicated to delivering powerful healthcare solutions that revolutionize the standard of care for patients with diabetes, kidney disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

Clarifi is a registered trademark of Modulated Imaging (dba Modulim).

Blake Byrne
Director of Marketing

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