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Linde enters strategic alliance with clean technology innovator CarbonCure

Alliance brings CarbonCure’s award-winning carbon solution for the concrete industry to European, Southeast Asian and Oceanian markets

The CarbonCure Technology enhances the competitiveness of the concrete industry through improved production efficiency and sustainability. The technology injects a precise dosage of captured waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into concrete during production. Once introduced, the CO2 chemically converts to a nano-mineral, creating manufacturing efficiencies while reducing the concrete’s carbon footprint. This enables private and government concrete end users alike to reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects without compromising quality.

Through this alliance, Linde and CarbonCure will work together exclusively to introduce the CarbonCure Technology to 25 countries across Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania, with initial efforts focused on Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore. CarbonCure announced its foray unto the international stage in November 2018 through a partnership with Singapore's leading producer, Pan-United Concrete.

“We are very excited to work with CarbonCure to bring this ground-breaking technology to so many new countries. This cooperation will strengthen Linde’s offering for the construction industry,” says Ulrich Hanke, Head of Commercial Management for Primary Industries, Application Technology at Linde.

The CarbonCure Technology is installed in nearly 150 concrete plants in North America and Southeast Asia, with more than 2.3 million cubic metres of concrete supplying a wide range of construction projects from airports, roads to high-rise towers. The company is on a pathway to reduce 500 megatons of CO2 emissions annually.

“We know that scaling up to reduce 500 megatons of CO2 each year will require world class alliances. With Linde, the world's largest industrial gas supplier, we will enjoy unrivalled scaling ability to accelerate global deployment,” says Rob Niven, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CarbonCure.

“The concrete industry is redoubling efforts to meet the needs of Smart Cities by adopting circular economy solutions to lower the resource consumption and embodied carbon intensity,” Niven says.

CarbonCure is the world leader in carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies used in the production of concrete, which is estimated to be a $400 billion market opportunity with the potential to reduce up to 1.4 gigatons of annual CO2 emissions by 2030, according to the Global CO2 Initiative.


About CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies Inc. is the global leader in carbon dioxide (CO2) utilization technologies for the world’s most abundant man-made material: concrete. The retrofit CarbonCure Technology chemically mineralizes waste CO2 during the concrete manufacturing process to make greener and stronger concrete. CarbonCure has partnered with nearly 150 concrete producers across North America and Southeast Asia to create new production cost savings, gain competitive sales advantages and reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment.


About Linde

Linde is a leading industrial gases and engineering company with 2018 pro forma sales of USD 28 billion (EUR 24 billion). The company employs approximately 80,000 people globally and serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Linde delivers innovative and sustainable solutions to its customers and creates long-term value for all stakeholders. The company is making our world more productive by providing products, technologies and services that help customers improve their economic and environmental performance in a connected world.

Linde has received recognition for their sustainability performance through recurring inclusion on the World Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Most recently, Linde has been awarded a Silver Class distinction in SAM’s Sustainability Yearbook 2019. The company was one of six in the chemical sector recognized with a distinction and the only Silver Class medalist.

Christie Gamble
CarbonCure Technologies

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