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Cuberg Deploys Trutag Product Identity Solution to Protect Next-Generation Battery Systems for Aviation and Aerospace

EMERYVILLE, CA ─ September 29, 2020 — Cuberg, Inc., a leading supplier of next-generation batteries for aviation and aerospace, announced today that it is adopting the TruTag Product Identity solution as a means of ensuring traceability and supply chain transparency for customers. TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of product identity solutions for life-critical products.

Rapidly growing consumer electronic sales and the increased adoption of electric vehicles are fueling exponential growth in the batteries that power them. With this growth arises the need to ensure the quality, authenticity and safety of battery products. The innovative TruTag Product Identity platform addresses the full spectrum of issues relevant in the battery market, including responsibly sourced raw materials, authentic materials and products, appropriate recycling, complete traceability, and supply chain security.

Richard Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Cuberg, said, “Responsible sourcing and traceability of materials from the mine to the battery are significant challenges in the battery world. It is incumbent on manufacturers to give customers complete assurance of the authenticity, quality and safety of their batteries, in a truly secure and tamper-proof manner. TruTag offers an ideal tool to empower Cuberg’s customers to do this.”

Cuberg intends to deploy the TruTag Product Identity solution across its product line. Cuberg’s advanced batteries will be marked with spectrally-encoded micro-particles, known as “TruTags®,” that can be verified via mobile smartphones. This will allow customers to directly access and confirm the authenticity of their battery products.

“We are thrilled to be working with Cuberg on this program for protecting advanced battery systems for life-critical industries,” said Peter M. O. Wong, Chief Operating Officer at TruTag Technologies. “Cuberg is a respected technology innovator that is known for their leadership in providing transparency and authenticity to their customers, and is an outstanding partner to help us bring our Product Identity solution to this key market.”

About Cuberg
Cuberg is commercializing a next-generation battery technology to power the future of electric mobility. The battery delivers a generational improvement in energy density and safety compared to the best lithium-ion batteries in the world today. The technology, based on a groundbreaking non-flammable electrolyte combined with a lithium metal anode, is a complete drop-in solution that leverages the robust lithium-ion manufacturing base and supply chain. For more information please visit

About TruTag Technologies
TruTag Technologies, Inc. is a leading security and technology solution provider serving businesses and governments around the world. TruTag has the most advanced precision-fabricated, cGMP nano-porous silica manufacturing operation in the world for a variety of applications and security solutions, including product identity for food, medicine, secure labels and documents, electronics, and industrial parts.

TruTag Technologies has been recognized by the SPIE Prism Awards, Frost & Sullivan, the Edison Awards, Fast Company, and R&D 100, and was selected a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum as one of the most influential technology companies in the world. Learn more at

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