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Chitosan biochemistry leader Tidal Vision® acquires strategic customer Clear Water Services™

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the global water treatment industry is faced with new challenges including emerging contaminants, such as PFAS-type "forever" chemicals and 6PPDQ, Tidal Vision Products, Inc. announced today it acquired long-time customer Clear Water Services. By leveraging Clear Water Services' mobile and modular water treatment systems, Tidal Vision® will be able to deploy their Tidal Clear® chitosan-based technologies in a wider range of applications to help solve some of humanity's greatest water pollution challenges.

"Tidal Vision is the leader in chitosan extraction, modification, and formulation. We've learned that the better we also become at the application of our technologies, the more rapid both adoption and further technology developments become," said Craig Kasberg, CEO of Tidal Vision, "and our customers appreciate our commitment to continuously advancing our technologies."

Expanding Clear Water Services™ capabilities and reach

In this alliance, Tidal Vision is allocating resources for Clear Water Services to build additional advanced water treatment systems, bolstering their already robust business model and fostering further expansion. Clear Water Services has a dedicated team of ~100 employees across the United States, with locations in Washington, California, Michigan, and Florida. Their service offerings include turn-key treatment solutions for stormwater, groundwater, wastewater, and process water with industry-leading automation and built-to-order filtration components manufactured in-house.

"I'm thrilled about our partnership with Tidal Vision," says Nate Holloway, President of Clear Water Services. "This is an opportunity to enhance our capabilities and further extend the reach of our offerings. With Tidal Vision's support, we can continue expanding our services to meet the growing demand for sustainable water treatment solutions across multiple markets and develop new processes to address evolving water quality issues, including emerging contaminants and water scarcity."

Accelerating Tidal Clear® research and development

Clear Water Services captures real-time performance data within their water treatment systems, currently used to solve diverse pollution challenges at over 200 sites. This data platform significantly improves Tidal Vision's ability to expand Tidal Clear product formulations and optimize treatment options for customers. Together, the now united companies will offer piloting services for large water treatment systems, where a slip stream will be pulled through their mobile system to conveniently demonstrate and quantify the advantages of Tidal Clear technology onsite. 

About Tidal Vision®: Tidal Vision is committed to unlocking scalable chitosan biomolecular solutions for some of humanity's greatest chemistry and pollution challenges in the water treatment, agriculture, and material science industries. Tidal Vision now employs ~180 full time professionals across eight locations and is composed of the following commercial divisions: Tidal Clear®, Clear Water Services™, Tidal Grow®, and Tidal-Tec®.

About Clear Water Services™: Clear Water Services offers innovative water treatment solutions utilizing a comprehensive data-backed approach that optimizes economics and effectiveness. With industry-leading automation, built-to-order filtration components, and locations across Washington, California, Michigan, and Florida, Clear Water Services provides a network of equipment and services to tackle evolving water quality and emerging contaminant issues from coast to coast.

SOURCE Tidal Vision

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