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AEPONYX Offers Vertically Integrated Systems for Life Science Industry

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, September 20, 2022 / -- AEPONYX Inc., a privately held developer of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) for telecom and datacom markets is expanding its product portfolio to include Silicon Nitride (SiN) based Photonic Integrated Circuits for the life science industries.

“AEPONYX undertook an extremely challenging project for the telecom space in developing its NG-PON2 platform and we were able to advance our Silicon Nitride (SiN) Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) expertise and Research and Development (R&D) capabilities. This challenging project is now paying dividends for us as we expand our telecom product offerings and migrate our PICs into datacom, quantum, automotive, and now life science markets,” explained Philippe Babin, the Chief Executive Officer of AEPONYX.

Expanding AEPONYX expertise to life science
“Thanks to our hybrid integration and photonic wire bonding capabilities we have overcome any perceived weakness of Silicon Nitride as a platform for telecom, datacom, automotive, and quantum markets while those same perceived weaknesses are irrelevant for most applications in the life science space,” explained Mr Babin.

“Our plan is to take the technology, performance and cost advances that we made for telecom and datacom products and bring them to the established life science market. We think we have positioned ourselves to be a vertically integrated systems supplier for the life science market and will be partnering with firms with expertise in microfluids and surface functionalization to bring new products to market,“ outlined Mr. Babin.

For more information about AEPONYX’s Silicon Nitride Platform for life sciences, telecom, or datacom please visit or send an email to

About AEPONYX, Inc.
Founded in 2012 and financed with 22M in venture capital money AEPONYX has built a team of photonics experts and Research and Development professionals in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Having spent a decade in research and development, AEPONYX is now generating revenues and selling a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) platform combining the benefits of Silicon Nitride (SiN) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS). The AEPONYX PIC platform finds applications in telecom, datacom, life science, automotive, and quantum markets.

AEPONYX offers tunable optical filtering/switching (TOF/S) platform combining the low-loss of silicon nitride (SiN) waveguides with an innovative, proprietary design for thermo-optically tuned wavelength selectivity.
AEPONYX also offers a Resource Optical Configuration System (R.O.C.S.™ 2) combining optical sensing and switching in an innovative and user-friendly platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) data centers to ensure quality of service where reliable high-speed communication directly to the servers is essential.

Working with leading-edge component suppliers, AEPONYX leverages expertise in hybrid integration and photonic wire bonding to bring to market products on a SiN platform with lasers with higher power output, bursting capabilities, ultra-low noise level, or a specific wavelength range. AEPONYX believes that its photonic wire bonding capability is the technology to solve the industry’s hybrid integration puzzle.

Expertise in active or passive alignment of components has always been the traditional approach. AEPONYX’s photonic wire bonding is the future. Building complex products, like next-generation sensors or quantum sensors, requires expertise in PIC design and manufacturing, electronic design, opto-electronic packaging, design for testing and for manufacturing.

This is AEPONYX’s expertise.
For more information or to access data sheets for the products built using AEPONYX Silicon Nitride platform please visit

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