• Team

    Pangaea’s team has an unmatched depth of operating experience and deep domain expertise in the fields of advanced materials and chemistry. The partners have decades of experience building and leading successful companies. This includes a wide array of technical, operational, high tech start-up, financial, legal and transaction expertise.

  • Advisory Board

    Pangaea’s Advisory Board members are chosen for their world-class knowledge, technical expertise and professional connections. They ensure that Pangaea has access to resources that give our portfolio companies advantages to help them succeed in today's competitive environment.

  • Strategic Limited Partners

    Pangaea works very closely with our world-leading Strategic Limited Partners. This remarkable group of corporate investors brings diverse market and industry knowledge to our network, while benefitting from Pangaea’s unique insights into the most exciting developments in advanced materials innovation.


Pangaea's mission is to deliver returns to our investors by supporting advanced materials entrepreneurs.

Pangaea aims to make the world a better place by investing in highly innovative entrepreneurs, operating lean, capital-efficient businesses enabled by breakthroughs in advanced materials and chemistry. We are focused on maximizing the value we deliver to our partners, investors and portfolio companies, while maintaining the highest standard of integrity.