Pangaea Announces Impact Reporting for Advanced Materials Innovation

Tuesday, 09 January 2018

Vancouver, BC - (January 9, 2018) - Pangaea Ventures Ltd. today announced it has started tracking and reporting on the impact of its portfolio companies across four categories. These categories, as well as estimated cumulative impact of the portfolio by the end of 2025, are:

  • Carbon Dioxide Reduction – 64 million tons
  • Fresh Water Produced or Saved – 57 billion cubic meters
  • Food Production Increased – 13 million tons
  • Lives Impacted – 17 million

Pangaea’s portfolio includes companies with low cost battery chemistries to enable deep renewable penetration, peptide-derived biopesticides that replace toxic chemicals and increase food production, and next-generation medical imaging equipment that enables doctors to more effectively identify and treat disease. There is a growing movement within the investment community that sustainability and social impact need to be considered. This not only reduces the risk of stranded assets but takes advantage of market opportunities.

Pangaea Ventures is among the first venture capital funds in North America to track and report on the impact of its portfolio of companies.

“We have been investing in advanced materials for seventeen years and are considered a leader in advanced materials venture capital,” said Chris Erickson, General Partner of Pangaea Ventures. “Tracking and reporting on the sustainability and social impact of our portfolio is the next logical step to maintain a leadership position.” “Pangaea Ventures has a strong conviction that advanced materials are enabling some of the most significant innovations of our time and have the ability to make our world better,” said Andrew Haughian, General Partner of Pangaea Ventures. “By assessing opportunities through an impact lens, we gain unique insights on the magnitude of the problem being solved and the scalability of the solution. We believe this directly supports our goal of delivering strong financial returns.”

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About Pangaea Ventures:

Pangaea Ventures ( is the world leader in advanced materials venture capital. It invests in start-up companies using advanced materials to make our world better. Established in 2000, Pangaea has built an outstanding portfolio addressing multi-billion dollar markets in energy, electronics, health, and sustainability. Pangaea’s unmatched materials network spans multiple industry verticals, and includes twenty-one major multinationals as Strategic Limited Partners.

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