Maria Peterson
Senior Program Manager for Corporate Venturing and Innovation, JSR Micro, Inc

Maria Peterson is senior program manager for corporate venturing and innovation for JSR Micro, Inc in Sunnyvale, CA. JSR is a specialty materials company with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. JSR’s core products are materials for use in semiconductor, display, automotive, electronics, energy storage, and life sciences applications. With the JSR corporate venturing team, she is engaged in tech scouting and identifying and growing new business opportunities. Maria has been with JSR since 2004. Prior to JSR, she was Technical Marketing Director for Cabot Microelectronics, a global leader in semiconductor polishing slurries, and Applications Engineering Manager for EKC Technology (now part of DuPont), developing and promoting polishing and cleaning materials for semiconductor applications. Maria earned her PhD from Stanford University in surface geochemistry. Her MS is from UC Berkeley, and BA from Carleton College.