Dr. Ryan D’Arcy
Professor and President/CSO Health Tech Connex Inc.

Dr. Ryan C.N. D’Arcy is a Canadian neuroscientist specializing in translational neurotechnologies. He is a full Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at Simon Fraser University and holds the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation BC Leadership Chair in Medical Technologies. He is also Head of Health Sciences and Innovation at Fraser Health’s Surrey Memorial Hospital. In 2012, he founded and has led the development of Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard, a vibrant and growing health technology cluster. Prior to his return home to metro Vancouver, Dr. D’Arcy led Canada’s National Research Council in the development of the world-renowned Halifax-based Biodiagnostics cluster. Key to these efforts, Dr. D’Arcy’s research specializes utilizing brain imaging and related neurotechnologies to demonstrate immediate real-world benefits for patient care.

Dr. D’Arcy has received several awards, including Canada’s Public Service Award of Excellence, and has been recognized as a “Kickass Canadian.” From 2010-2012, he co-led the brain delegation in the Canada-Israel Innovation Summit and then the Innovation Boulevard Trade Partnership in 2012-2013. He has over 160 published papers, chapters, patents, and conference proceedings and has generated several successful brain-based companies and products active in the marketplace. Dr. D’Arcy sees Canada as a rising global leader in neurotechnology innovations that quickly impact lives and generate economic growth.