Christina Lomasney
CEO, President and co-founder, Modumetal

Since the Bronze Age, man has been making metal the same way, using highly energy intensive techniques to smelt, forge, roll and cast metal parts. Today, Modumetal is enabling an entirely new Age of efficient metals manufacturing, specifically nanolaminated metals manufacturing (think plywood, but with very, very thin layers of metal).

Modumetals exhibit properties never seen before in conventional metals in terms of hardness, toughness, strength, corrosion, wear and heat resistance, and more. The patented Modumetal manufacturing process is not only enabling the production of these high performance nanolaminated metals, it’s doing it more efficiently and at competitive cost.

Christina Lomasney is the CEO, President and co-founder of Modumetal. Together with her team, she is realizing the Company’s vision of revolutionizing the way major industries approach the design and production of advanced metal coatings and parts. Today, Modumetal is pioneering nanolaminated metals manufacturing to enable the deployment of these ultra-high performance metals in a growing number of large-scale industrial and consumer applications.

Christina has worked in the research, development and commercialization of advanced materials technologies for over a decade, starting at The Boeing Company, where she served in engineering roles including in Phantomworks’ advanced metals manufacturing department. Christina later founded Isotron Corporation, an advanced materials company, which today holds a portfolio of advanced materials technologies and commercial products for environmental cleanup and restoration. Christina currently serves on the Board of Directors of ASTM International.

Christina holds a BS in Physics from the University of Washington, where she completed undergraduate research in electrochemistry and graduate studies towards a MS in Applied Physics. She has published and is named inventor on several pending patents in large-scale environmental remediation and nanostructured materials applications.