Our Third Advanced Materials Commercialization Summit promises to be the most interesting and engaging summit that we have hosted.

May 31, 2017
Breakfast & Registration
Welcome and Opening Remarks from Pangaea Ventures:
Chris Erickson, General Partner, Pangaea Ventures
Winners and Losers in the Advanced Materials Game - Managing Risks in 21st Century Innovation:
Dr. Sanford Moskowitz, Professor at the College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University
Crossing the Valley of Death
Thinking about the “Valley of Death” goes hand in hand with any discussion about materials commercialization. The time and cost associated with technology scaling, product qualification, certification, etc., causes this to be the period where most materials-focused companies and technologies fail. So why have some technologies such as CdTe Solar had success, whereas CIGS required lots of money with only moderate success? There is a graveyard of materials-based water technologies, yet why have a select few bridged the gap? In this panel we will explore market considerations, partnering, financing, and team composition considerations to develop a framework for crossing that gap.

Panellists:Marc Lebel, CEO of FRX Polymers
Ben Sparrow, CEO of Saltworks
Chris Gronnet, CEO of 4th Phase
Moderator:Sarah Lubik, Director of Entrepreneurship, Simon Fraser University
Accelerating Materials Commercialization with Applications Development:
Charles Dimmler, Co-founder & CEO, Checkerspot
Networking Break
Financing Evolved
Ask any advanced materials entrepreneur, “What is your biggest risk?” and at the top of the list will almost always be funding. There is a long list of advanced materials-focused start-ups that have tried to fit the financing mold of a typical Silicon Valley financing path only to find themselves on the brink when hitting key milestones. This panel explores alternative financing strategies that might be better-suited to bringing these important innovations from the lab to the market.

Panellists:Joshua Hoffman, CEO of Zymergen
Marc Van de Berg, Partner, DBL Partners
Patti Glaza, VP and Managing Director, Invest Detroit
Pulakesh Mukherjee, Principal, BASF Venture Capital
Moderator:Justin Young, Partner, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
The Magic Box Paradigm:
Ezra Roizen, General Manager, Advsr LLC
Networking Lunch
Can Materials Make Manufacturing Great Again?
Over the last 50 years the global economy has been transformed by the information revolution. But recently, companies such as Tesla and technologies such as 3D printing and robotics have put manufacturing back in the limelight. At the same time, there has been a renewed political interest in reviving the manufacturing economy. Are advanced materials technologies the key to the rise of a second Industrial Revolution in countries where the importance of this activity has almost been forgotten?

Panellists:Arno van Mourik, CEO of Airborne International
Christina Lomasney, CEO of Modumetal
Matt Sand, President of 3DEO
Maria Peterson, JSR Micro
Moderator:Keith Gillard, General Partner, Pangaea Ventures
Win-Win Collaborations - De-risking Advanced Technology Commercialization:
David Lazovsky, Chairman, ESS Inc.
Innovating for A Carbon Smart Future:
Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of Lanzatech
Networking Break
Are Biomaterials the Key to Personalized Health?
Personalized health goes far beyond smartphones apps that help us manage sleep or weight. Improvements in diagnostics are improving the ability to identify specific types of disease or unique conditions that could impact a treatment plan. Various modes of treatment, whether they be pharmaceutical therapeutics or medical devices, typically benefit from customization. To what extent will biomaterials play a part in this transition to more personalized delivery of healthcare?

Panellists:Michael Schrader, CEO of Vaxess
Dr. Ryan D'Arcy, President of Healthtech Connex
Tamer Mohamed, CEO of Aspect Biosystems
Moderator:Dr. Brendan Byrne, Chief Innovation Officer of Telus Ventures
Machine Learning, Quantum Modeling, and Materials Innovation:
Andrew Fursman, CEO of 1QB Information Technologies
Closing remarks
Networking Reception