Canada Fast Tracks Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Canada Fast Tracks Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Pangaea is one of twenty original venture capital funds designated under the new Canadian Startup Visa program. We are excited at the prospects of helping entrepreneurs with world-class advanced materials innovation locate their companies to Canada.

The Startup Visa program was launched on April 1, 2013 by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to help recruit innovative entrepreneurs to Canada. The program provides what I would call a fast track visa process for entrepreneurs with world-class innovation who desire immigration to Canada.

On an annual basis, Canada grants landed immigrant status to approximately 300,000 out of over 3,000,000 applicants. The standard application process can take over one year. The length of time and odds of acceptance makes it difficult to attract innovative entrepreneurs to Canada.

This could change under the Startup Visa program for entrepreneurs willing to move to Canada who have world-class innovation. Qualified entrepreneurs can now get landed immigrant status much faster and with more certainty so long as they have the backing of a designated Canadian venture capital fund or angel investor group and so long as they meet basic qualification standards.

To qualify, applicants must secure the at least $200,000 in funding from a designated venture capital fund or $75,000 from an angel investor group. Pangaea Ventures plus nineteen other venture capital funds and three angel investor groups are designated investors under the program. The full list can be found at

Applicants must also meet basic qualification standards listed at that include language proficiency and at least one year of post-secondary education.

If you would like to seek support from Pangaea Ventures, please submit your business plan or slide deck to We will only consider letters of support under the Startup Visa program to individuals or companies that have world-class advanced materials innovation.

Pangaea plays no role in the immigration decision-making process and is expressly forbidden to provide visa-related advice to applicants. For information on the process go the Citizenship and Immigration website and

General Partner, Pangaea Ventures Ltd. Chris is the founder of Pangaea and has been working with cleantech and advanced material companies since 1997. Chris is a lawyer by training and served as a partner with Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.View Chris Erickson's profile on LinkedIn


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