Yuka Yoshizumi

Yuka Yoshizumi

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Joined Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in 2008 and worked previously as sales and marketing of ion exchange resin in Separation Materials Department. And then work with Pangaea as a secondee from R&D synergy office venture group, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation. Graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo.

KAITEKI And The Water Cycle

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Have you ever heard of ‘KAITEKI’? This is the original concept of our company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), to promote our business activities. KAITEKI is a Japanese word that conventionally means ‘comfortable’ or ‘pleasant’ for which is no exact English equivalent. It’s a ward that is closely associated with state of well-being, symbiosis, and harmony. We express a sustainable condition which is comfortable not only for people, but also for society and the Earth by the word ‘KAITEKI’. MCHC is aiming to realize KAITEKI by solving issues in various fields including living, information & electronics, medical care, environment, and energy as an integrated chemical company whose business domains include Performance Products, Health Care and Industrial Materials. And I believe the key to ‘KAITEKI’ is breakthrough innovation in chemical and material science, which is where Pangaea focuses.